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is this anxiety ???

please help!!! i cant go to the specialist for help cuz my parents wont accept that there is something wrong.

since around 13 i started to get more shy and stay home a lot. reject plans.

one time when i was out and was about to see some boy i got nervous like a normal person but soon i turned nauseous and i vomited.

i thought maybe i ate something wrong.

i had accidents like that a lot.

last year i stopped eating cuz i was going through hard time it made me to lose appetite and more nervous

i started to vomit more even when i couldnt i was making myself to vomit just to feel better.

also last year i had few panic attacks

i was at class and couldn’t breath like someone was chocking me and i was shaking and again i was nauseous i had that few times last year.

since 14 i strated to completely isolate myself, i didnt made any plans and rejected all of them, i was only going to my classes and back.

i have low or high pressure all the time .

also most of the times my heart beat is so fast it feels like its going to explode.

i have no energy most of the time.

i cant get enough sleep. i have nightmares that makes me cry in my sleep or i cant fall asleep till 4am

thats only physical.

i overthink a lot it makes me to stay at home

it made me question people do they really love me

i became more clingy and so on

there is a lot more but i am not going to name all

please help