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Is this GAD?

Hi, so idk if I have anxiety, I think so, but idk , so 1-3 times a month, I have insane rapid anxious thoughts and I can hear my heart beat, I start pacing and whispering the word no uncontrolably, I'm crying and frantic, often whacking my hand like I'm playing ukulele, is this an anxiety attack? I'm constantly worrying about everything and sometimes I get strings of anxious thoughts coming at me like bullets from a 25m pistol. I do freak out in social situations but I don't have very many symptoms of social anxiety, but I do have a few, but I have most if not all of the symptoms of generalised anxiety. I haven't seen a professional about it before but can I say I have anxiety for sure, is that even a panic attack?

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Re: Is this GAD?

i think it is im not sure yet but I get the same thing every once in a while

I had it a couple days ago , i was laying down and I started getting abnormal rapid heart beats

I have thanatophobia ( irrational fear about ones death )

of course I ran to the internet to see what was wrong with me and I ended up running into articles about death so I thought I was dying

I sat outside my balcony at 2am while having a panic attack and just tried to appreciate “my last seconds” having a break down but I turned out to be fine after waking up