Fatal Relapse

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They have an addition.

They sit alone in their empty apartment. Crickets singing through the night. Although, They feel as if the crickets singing mock Them for being so alone.

*Chirp chirp* *Chirp chirp*

This need to feel control..., takes over. It's been months. Months since They had this feeling, so why now?

*Chirp chirp* *Chirp chirp*

They get up off the living room floor and slowly creep into the kitchen. The icy cold floor of the tile shocks Them.

*Chirp chirp*

A shinny, sharp, knife makes its way out of the drawer and into Their hand. Chills rushed through Their body as it lightly kisses against Their skin.

*Chirp chir--*

It begins to flow, raising out if the cracks.


The floor becomes a puddle. Their feet covered in red, Their skin turning white


Time slows down and the room begins to spin. They fall, splashing into the puddle.

"It's finally quiet" They said as Their eyes grow heavier and heavier.