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Is this normal?

Hi. I'm a 38 year old male. For the past two months I have had some horrible, run people out of my house diarrhea and gas. It's never happened before that I remember. The shit is green. Like bright green. Hulk green to be exact. No blood though. The gas is frequent and horrible. I let one silently slip at work today and it almost cleared my office. My coworkers kept saying something smells like sewage. I never confessed it was my ass that fouled up the entire office. I thought I burned a damn hole in my underwear and pants with that one. On my drive home my stomach started rumbling. I knew I better get home as soon as possible and get to the toilet! Luckily after some serious ass cheek squeezing I was able to keep it in. As soon as I sat on the toilet though, shit just blasted like a volcano from eruption. Worst part was that I forgot to buy toilet paper. Nothing to wipe my ass. I had to use a shirt and it was a mess. The smell lingered in my bathroom for at least an hour. Talk about having a shitty day.