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is this normal?

i dont know if this was normal but last year i had a boyfriend who i trusted a lot like i would tell him everything and one time we was hanging out and i decided to fake sleep on to see what he would do (i always used to fall asleep on him so i was curious what he did whilst i was asleep). So i fake slept and then he started touching me... he touched me in a lot of places, places i said he couldnt touch. I was so scared i didn't move i didn't know what to do. i was only twelve and he had already turned 13. When i got home i told myself it was normal and pushed it to the back of my mind but maybe a month later my friends boyfriend who was friends with my boyfriend and the time told me that my boyfriend was braging about touching me in my sleep the day before. its been almost a year now, we arent together anymore he left me and told everyone i was too frigid. i only just came to terms with it, is this normal?

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Re: is this normal?

What you've written about is sadly somewhat typical adolescent behavior. Your boyfriend violated your trust, and then he bragged about it. That's disgusting and sad, and it speaks volumes about his immaturity.

I hope that you can find a way to put that experience behind you and find yourself a relationship partner who has respect for your boundaries.

Sex can be an absolutely wonderful experience when it is shared between consenting people who are agreeing to share an experience and who are agreeing to respect each other's needs and boundaries throughout the encounter.

I hope that you can have genuine sexual experiences when you're ready for them.

But don't feel like you need to rush into them; they'll happen when the time is right.