Is this normal or?

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I feel so gross about the things I like. I'm 16 female and---

I read a lot of shota yaoi mangas, usually in full color and I'd masterbate to it. FYI, I do NOT find little kids in real life attractive. They are ugly and I despise them.

When I read those mangas, I just feel so attacted to it and I don't know why. It feels so wrong, and another thing i like is rape and incest mangas and hentai, whether it be yaoi or hentai it's attractive to me and I sometimes Imagine myself doing those things with the characters in the manga's, top and bottom.

Another FYI, I do not support either of those things irl, it's fucked up and disgusting.

But those genres in manga's are really good and I can't stop reading and masterbating to it. Sometimes I like reading bestiality too (_ _)lll