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Is this sexual abuse or what?

I was young and it was so out of blue.this dude was by my side, for the past 8 years, (I was 8 years old) he knew my mom, he even saw my mom pregnant and me, as a baby. And at night, I felt his penis touching my butt, he was behind me, not naked, randomly, he did that while moaning. but I was young. This happened at church. I was so innocent that I didn't know what was touching me, it didn't seem like a hand, so I couldn't prove it, but I felt so uneasy, suffocated. I saw him every sunday and I didn't told to anyone, just 2 people. One, in not many details and the other, almost the whole thing. This person said that it was the instinct of the man, his meat, he can't control it. Because of this quarantine, my mental health is unstable, don't know what to do.

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Re: Is this sexual abuse or what?

i had something similar happen to me. when i was 11 years old i couldn't tell if i was sexually assaulted or not because i was too young to understand. by the time i turned 15 i finally realized what fully happened to me and it was overwhelming. i could barely go to school because the person who did it to me was at my school. the best thing i did was speak up about it to get me out of that school and something else i did was raise awareness so more people could understand and know it is okay to not fully understand what happens to you especially when u are younger. sorry this happened to you, everything will get better