Is this weird?

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I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t know why I’m writing lectures and rubbish is it even acceptable am I trying to fix my problems but only outing myself as even more of a freak, I don’t know man, I should just shut up like a normal person.

On one hand I believe this could be my way to cope, on the other hand I’m panicking more over the fact of being found, I can’t ruin things, I have to seem normal or who knows what will happen, I’m simply asking for trouble I have to be, writing scripts for encrypted folders and hiding files and copies, this isn’t normal but it feels like what I need, why did we have to evolve it was so much simpler when priorities for a species was to survive sometimes as much as we boast our intellectual prowess I think it has become more of a curse, the only species I’m aware of which is aware of its own crippling demise, fuck guys.


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