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isn't it my life?

I am a boy who lives in a society where Bi people like me are not accepted. idk why this is a thing but some how it is.

They think their reputation is damaged if people like, what they like. They think the society cannot change and has to be the same as it was a hundred years ago. But wasn't there people like me during those times too? These ppl believe what they think is correct.I am not saying they cannot, but people like me also should be able to believe and be what i want. There are people all over the world who want to accept what they want but don't care about the thoughts and beliefs of others. I like to lead my own life not like i don't care about yours, but just leave me be me.

This happens to almost everyone in this world. A few days ago i saw TV show where there was a gay couple there some people who respected it but most people where just ...... you know laughing, mocking, etc.

This is why many people, including me, have not come out, bc of all the labels that might fall on us.

So pls stop judging people and start helping them.

If they come out to you, then all they are asking is help.So pls start helping, encouraging, and please! dont stop hanging out with them.

They won't ask you out and even if they do, tell them what you think about it. This is the moment where they need you so pls help.

this might not be so believable to some of you, but this is the truth.