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a bit of history:

me and my cousin have been like sisters since 2 years ago when she got into grade 10 and made friends. she basically cut me off without warning. no one has hurt me like that ever. I was there for her since she was 6 and I was 10. so she never had friends and when she got to grade 10 she started to make friends and became popular and I was nothing to her. so when I was like she's a teenager it will blow over and I kept being their for her as I was older. so her mom started dating this guy we is a asshole and she changed but now it has been 2 years and its just getting worse and today was my brother birthday so when we had a cake and then me and brother quickly went to my dads house to give him so cake and when I was back they left. so when I walked in my mom said " just had an argument with the cousin" so when I got what had happened I have never felt anger like that ever. if I was there I would have lost it.

about 2 years ago we went on holiday to Europe and during that holiday my mom lost her biggest client for her company and her mother was like just get over it. when that happened the cousin said to her own mother basically telling her to stop talking and got angry. so now my mom said to her sister that she is always there for her but you aren't for me etc. so the cousin goes I think it is rude to speak to her own aunt but she said " what she was there for you when you were in Greece and got pretty upset with my mother" which comes to me I would have lost it and kicked her out and honestly if she wasn't family I wouldn't been speaking to her. she has became someone I can't regnoise. she hurts me but I draw the line at being fucking disrespectful to my mother. I literally could write for hours