issues with a fandom (not srs lol)

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i’m feeling very sad rn bc i feel like people don’t like me and that i’m just very unlikeable. okay basically i don’t feel that i’m accepted into a fandom (lol i have no real problems i’m just whiney 🤪). i’ve been watching this reality/competition show for a while now and i’m pretty active on my twitter with updates and just stuff regarding the show but i feel like the rest of the fandom hate me lol bc a while ago some people were saying they’re tired of a specific group of stans and i was like “are they talking abt me bc i fit the description lmao”. so yeah that kind of bums me out and i’ve stopped tweeting altogether and i went on private (again i have to real problems a ha ha). oh yeah and a private account quote retweeted one of my tweets (which is kind of controversial on twitter and gives people anxiety and i’m one of them lol) talking about someone on the show and i can’t see it at all but i just know it’s a fellow stan who hates me