It hurts

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i don’t even know how to start this, i’m terrible at writing. i realized lately that i’m so, so lonely. i’ve been like that for most of my life. but my mom has stopped talking to me as much, she doesn’t even say goodnight like she used to. my dad doesn’t text me unless it’s him saying i can’t see him because something got in the way. i have 2 friends that i play games with sometimes, but my anxieties have made me think they hate me and are only talking to me out of pity. i r3lapsed on se/f harm not too long ago cause the pain in my heart that realizes i’m worthless is too strong. my mom’s probably gonna find out and get mad at me. i’ll have to go to therapy again and i really don’t want to. i hate it. i don’t wanna go back on medication. i don’t need it. it doesn’t work. i’m fine, i’m just faking it for attention. that’s all i am. i can’t even feel love anymore. i always find the worst in people so i push them away and lock myself in my room all day. maybe that’s why no one wants to talk to me.