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It hurts me

During the quarantine months, pimples started growing on my forehead and yes im very insecure of anything that grows on my face as I rarely do get any pimples. I have bangs and i always try to hide my pimples with it from my family cause I just feel insecure. You might wonder why? It is all because one day I was having dinner at home with my family and I spread my bangs apart and during dinner my father points it out to me telling me it doesn't look good and my whole family started talking about it, like ik it doesn't look good but I just feel insecure with people pointing it out. Every dinner my father just keeps on pointing out my pimple and today it just really hurt my self esteem. He told me that i shouldn't get bangs and he will quickly go buy pimple cream for me tomorrow, ik he is trying to help me but it just seems he really hated my face with pimples and instead of telling me properly how to prevent more pimples on my face, he just straights up tells me to get rid of it. WELL IM SORRY FOR HAVING PIMPLES ON MY FACE, IT'S NOT LIKE I WANT IT AND EVERYTIME I GET PIMPLES IM AFRAID OF PEOPLE POINTING IT OUT BUT I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD TO HIDE IT FROM MY FAMILY TOO...