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It is not that simple.


I'm 19 nd a boy or should I say a feminine boy, bcz I'm being recognized by this thing mostly.

When I said I'm 19 u must be portraying an image of a young energetic, active cool and normal guy. But I'm not at all like that. And that's the main fucking problem.

The last memory I have of my childhood is something of being alone bcz my behavior was not like other boys and I was feminine. How ever I didn't took this so serious at that time but as soon as I completed age of 10 o got a number of ppl making fun and abusing me by names bcz I was feminine and physically weak as compared to a boy of my age. This was the thing which made me stop going out.i never talked to anyone stranger bcz they always said ur like a girl u should b a girl and that was so sucking for me.

However I was living with all this shit. And trying to be happy but it got worse when I was not selected not only one tym but so many times as a class monitor as a group leader just bcz I was feminine though I had all the capabilities and qualities .

After that I totally stopped being social and now I'm so alone. I be sick most of the time and feel so low.

I wanna share my feelings with someone but no one even care .

It really suck. 3 months ago o got to know that bcz I was feminine I am suffering from Glossophobia . And now i cant do any thing which i should be doing.

My frnds do not even care about me but i do for them . I feel rejected, used,empty,lost, confused, and alone all the time. I thing that i should end my life but no i wont bcz no one cares but i wannna be the voice of ppl like me for them i want to live. But the fact is i cant be living anyymore with such feelings. I need to pull them out.pls help me out .

And yes take care of ur relatives and frnds for no reason.

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Re: It is not that simple.

Look I don't know who is there for u or not but I'm don't worry everything would be super ok

Be positive and be good ur too young to do anything with u

Just be happy be good be kind

And I love u

Just take care of urself

Nd yes u can be the voice of ppl like us all of us

That guy who is replying to u by saying u should fuck ur self nd die I wanna come and slap u right now . This kid is in pain,,, a pain that only he can feel it only he knows how does it feel and look at him he is 19 nd even after all of this fucking situation he wanna overcome . And knows that suicide is not a way. Idk who u are but pls don't recommend any such advise. I beg u