It seems my "higher self" is a dick

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Out west apparently in their rehab facilities spirituality is huge and they are making their clients believe in a "higher self". Well...isnt that taking too much responsibility for what happens to you? That everything good and bad that ever happened to you was planned by you? No...This might seem empowering but to me it shifts all the burden onto you. I havent gone to rehab but heard about this and I already knew the higher self concept was very active in the new age community. So I think it is wrong...I think you can be empowered without turning to spirituality, just being your authentic self and I will agree with one thing that is new age: follow your excitement as long as its not morally compromising. I do believe we have a natural moral compass without religion. However there are intimidating forces in the world that have done everything to destroy those morals and then these same beings want to punish us for being immoral when they caused it.