It will get better.

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Hello, I just want to say that things will get better, but you have to believe in yourself, of course, it will be hard, life is hard, but that doesn't mean we should give up. Someone out there loves you, your friend, family, pet... but you always have to remember to love yourself, go drink water, take a shower, do some exercise, draw, etc. Don't give up on your dreams, you are worth every single achievement you have gotten.

So... why are you sad? stressed? anxious?... is it because of school? family? work? did someone hurt you?. Remember that we all have the right to be heard, talk to someone who you trust, there will be brighter days, I promise, focus on the present, try to make things better for you because you deserve it.

Personally, my life has been a mess, my family is an absolute mess, but I love them and would never change them for anyone, so instead of torturing myself about that I learned what not to be or do. I was also abused at a young age, which made me feel alone and scared most of the time, but throughout the time I learned that the person who did that to me wanted to vanish all happiness away from me and wanted me to feel embarrassed of who I am, but at the end, I showed him/her otherwise, the pain they had caused me only made me a stronger person and made me believe even more in my self, and to see that now they are frightened to even see me makes me know I won.

And although my pain from my past has heald, that doesn't mean I will be happy forever, currently, I suffer from depression and anxiety, there are days where I feel exhausted to even get out of my bed, to enter class, to even eat, but you know what? I push myself every day even more and the satisfaction I get to see that I have done every task of my day is wonderful and makes me forget all my problems.

So, in conclusion, I just want to tell you that you are better than you think you are, don't let people or even yourself take your happiness away from you, because you deserve it, you wonderful human being, I love you, we all do.