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It's about my friends

It would mean so much if you could do this for me.

I have three friends-Mariam,Angelin and Amy(It's fake names😂).

It would sound more perfect if I said I had them.

I loved them.I really loved them from the bottom of my heart.

and since this corona has come everything is falling out of hands.

I am not a popular kid.I am not good by lucks either but my friends are.They have so many people to talk to.They are treated much better than I am and that upsets me a bit

I thought they loved me.but ........


coz they don't reply to me on whatsapp,insta or on fb either.

they seem uninterested to talk to me

in conclusion.WHAT SHOULD I DO?


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Re: It's about my friends

Hey I saw this just now, it’s sorta like my problem (the one below yours) I have the same feeling with my friends which is why I’m mostly online talking to ppl I don’t know irl. If your friends seem fake try do something that they wouldn’t except you do or maybe show them a hidden talent or show them something really nice that you have and see how they act if they are happy for you then they aren’t fake but if they just brush it off Like they don’t care then go find New friends. Just a suggestion

What you wrote resonated with me, but I wanted to provide a different angle. It might be COMPLETELY WRONG, but just maybe not.

I've had a few friends who've been really struggling since corona started. I don't mean financially, more ...mentally? Emotionally? They're energy is extremely low and it's a real struggle to talk to people or to respond via messages. Sometimes it seems to be linked to anxiety. It's really strange and most feel guilty about it but can't help themselves.

I might not fit your situation at all, but I still wanted to share my experience. If your friends have a similar situation, it might help to just write sth like "I hope you're doing ok. I care about you, so please write back if you feel comfortable" - yeah, somewhat strange. But I had some friends who finally wrote back, just one or two sentences, saying that they're grateful and that they are struggling and need time. I wish you the best