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Its been a hard time living but I dont want to die.

Everyone around me that I love is sick, or dying. Every job ive had mistreated me sometimes in small ways, offen in big ways. I dont think Ill ever trust in a human made system because they are flawed, as we as people are flawed by nature. How can I live in a world that dosnt have the room for me. How can I live when I have it easier than most and I have barely survived that. Its been a hard time living, but I dont want to die. I know a change is gonna come. It has to come. Lord rest my soul my body is weak, im afraid I cant go on, Im afraid living for everyone else only gets you so far. Im tired of attempting suicide. Im tired of getting out of bed. Of pretending im ok when Im not. Of pretending to be strong so those around me might not crumble or fall. Im so weak. Im so tired. Im in pergatory and I dont know how to get out. Im sorry. I know im letting people down when I kill myself but im not alive. Lord I pray a change is gonna come. Lord thank you for this life, nur how do I live my words how do I live it. Im so löst, so scared, so hopeless someone please hear me, see me, feel me. I feel so insignificant