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It's complicated

You can call me Andy(not my real name), I’m still a student and I want to share my story. I love someone, but my family won’t let me talk to him. They always observe every action that I act, they keep on telling me that I’m a “flirty girl”. My life was really hard because I came from a family that expects too much. They get my phone that leads me to depression because I can’t talk to my friends. Should I stop my feelings?

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Re: It's complicated

Hi Andy, what do you mean by “stop my feelings”?

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It feels like I knew someone with the same situation. And it's weird.

Months ago someone unexpectedly called me in my phone with that same scenario. I don't know him/her but she told me that I knew him/her. I don't know if he or she am talking to but kinda pervert person.

But what he/she tryin to say was he/she wanted an advice about this guy who sexually pushed her to do the thing. But I guess she's really a girl who kept on texting me some dirty talks that happened between them. I was embarrassed reading her text and blocked her phone number. And that was the most disgusting text I'd ever encountered. #NoTopervertPerson