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It's not a story,more likely a confession

I really like you, Michelle O. And it really hurts me knowing that we can't be together. I also want to say that you are being perverted by your very own cousin Justin! While you're asleep, he's grinding his sex part to your back. When he noticed that someone saw him, he immediately closed the door. I'm not in the right position to tell everything to you.

I do have feelings for you. It's been 2 years now since I felt this. But, all I can have is this feelings, not you.

I'm not expecting that you'll this.

I love you


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Re: It's not a story,more likely a confession

kay I can guarentee as a female you fucking know if a guy is trying to rub up on you. Unless she was completely out of it/drunk/drugged she would of known about it.

Fact by the sounds of it she wasn't reacting to that she either liked it (hightly doubt that because shes playing dead/asleep)

More likely is that she feels awkward/anxious/scared and that is sexual abuse. The majority of sexuak abuse is perpetrated by a person thr victim knows i.e. family.

Just something to consider...

I had the same situation here, I have someone that have been abused sexually while she was sleeping, she wasn't raped, but her cousin is grinding his thing on her butt while she's not concious. And this girl is the one I love but she didn't know that because I'm in a relation with her other cousin. Another problem is we have a 9 years gap.

Let's just hope that everything will go well for us in the future.

Man, I think you should tell it to her. She must know that she's sleeping with a pervert cousin. It's for her sake. You can actually save her by not being raped. Trust me man, tell her everything she needs to know. She has the right to know that. And besides you told that you love her, use your love for her to save her. Tell her the truth

Hey, have you told her already?

Sometimes you need to tell the truth even if it's painful for her.

If I were you, I would have told her already.

We can't let those kind of things happen in our loved ones.

The breath in and out and tell her everything that you saw.