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It’s ok

I’m not doing good mentally but when I told someone how I felt they left me on delivered like it didn’t matter and maybe that’s right it happens everytime and I honestly don’t wanna live anymore because no one cares about how I feel not even my friends Have checked up on me Since quarantine started I wanna kms I don’t wanna talk to any suicide hotlines because I’m scared they will call the cops and track my ip and my parents will probably Make fun of me and that will probably make me wanna kms even more I’m so broken and no one will listen 💔

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Re: It’s ok

I'm listening.

This person you opened up to, I don't know them, but they could not have responded for multiple reasons.

Maybe they are just a dick and don't care.

Maybe they couldn't respond immediately.

Maybe they do care but they have trouble finding the right words to get back to you.

Maybe they have it hard as well and couldn't help you right then and there.

But, I wouldn't know of course.

The same goes for you friends.

But I do recommend talking to a hotline or a chatting service where you get a trained person to talk to you.

I've needed to use a hotline once, not for something this severe, but it helped me immensely.

These people at the hotlines are trained personnel and can help you greatly. I also think that they don't call the cops unless they feel like there's an immediate threat to your life. If you called them and told them you are going to kill yourself right then and there, yes, they'll most likely call the cops. But I don't think they'll do so for someone who just needs to vent their troubles and get it out like you've done here.

Also, if your parents would make fun of you for wanting to die, they are exceptionally horrible parents and you should get outta that house as soon as possible. If your parents do not care enough about you to take this seriously, they are not worth your mental health. It's not easy leaving bad parents, but you don't owe them anything. They brought you into this world, yes, but you are your own person and they do not have any right to your person.

Please call a hotline, please find professional help. I promise it's worth it.

I hope I could help you, even just a little <3