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Its OK to say NO

I recently met this guy online, it was in a group chat invited in by an online friend I already knew. He started flirting with me in the chat which I kinda ignored coz I didnt know him. We were group calling and he honestly seemed like a nice guy. He did however continued to flirt which to me seemed like a joke and I always just laughed it off.

He messaged me privately and we had small chat, he offered to call privately and I thought why not. It went well and I thought he was pretty cute and sweet and we talked for a while. The next call he started asking some inappropriate questions like what my fetish was but thinking he was messing around I excused it and we talked like normal. The next day he texted me saying he was horny and asked me to send pictures and videos. By that he meant nudes which was definitely crossing the line and I said no. He then apologised and I just brushed it off.

We continued to talk and he still seems interested in me but he never texts first. I'd start the conversation late in the evening coz I'd be busy in the day but throughout the day I wouldnt hear anything from him even though he said he wasnt doing anything all day. 2 days ago we texted late at night and he randomly again said he was horny and once again tried to push me into sending nudes. This time I had to make it clear to him that I wont do it. He apologised again saying he wont ask again and that he really wanted to get to know me.I got mad and went to bed.

The next day he tried to guilt trip me, telling me I left him on read and he was hurt. Seriously? Wtf dude. At this point I knew this guy isnt really interested in "getting to know me", he just wanted to jerk off to me. I swear he was even secretly jerking off in one of the calls we had.

Today he claimed he was sick and went to rest but I saw he was clearly online playing with his friends. Im sure he got tired coz I wouldnt give in. Im done talking to this guy, its honestly very frustrating. Im not sure what to do if he texts me again but I doubt he will.

So people, girls and guys cause this can happen to both parties. Dont feel like you have to send anything to somebody to continue a relationship just because they were nice to you, if they ask for something after..it was probably an act. I dont encourage sending nudes at all, underaged or not. If he/she isnt the one, you will most likely regret it coz people can do some horrible shit. And even if they are the one...just see it in person. Stay safe online.