It's over, but I do have guilt

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Firstly, I need to say that I absolutely adore my wife. And I always have. Six years ago I started to chat to different people through a game that I was playing. This, over a period of about six months, progressed into more than just talking, it became sexting. This then progressed onto a different platform and we then started to share pictures and videos. It was about five different women at this time. This stopped for a while but then started up again. The beginning and end of it took about six years. I have no idea how many women I did this with but I know it must have been hundreds. I saw more of them (their bodies) than I should, and they definitely saw more of me than they should. I have stopped all of this, but now I live with the guilt. I will add that I never ever met any of these women in the real world, and it was all consensual, but I still sent/received pictures and videos that I shouldn't have. I will never ever do this sort of thing again, but I really needed to get this off of my chest.