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It's time to go

I hated myself for being dirty all of my life. I hated myself for not being able to speak up for myself. I hated myself for pitying others when I'm the victim. I hated myself for still blaming myself. But mostly...I hated myself for not being able to move forward.

Dear little me, you were sexually abused by your relatives and your own family members countless times and you didn't speak up. But that's okay, you had no power over it. You wanted to tell everyone but you're afraid of people finding out that you're dirty. But that's okay it wasn't your fault.... Im tired of writing...Bye I'm just gonna die.

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Re: It's time to go

Honey, I know for a fact that it is hurting you. You are in pain. But let me tell you that no matter how dirty you feel or how wrecked up you feel, there will always be someone who will accept you and are willing to be there for you if you let them. Your consent is the key. I pray that no matter where you are right now. May there be light and warmth to pull you out. Even if I do not know you, please know that I love you, child.