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I am 17 years old boy

I was depressed immensely from last 4 years and i used to pray to god that plz end this depression. But after so much crying and requesting also, he didn't do. Than i believed that there is no one called god.

I then decided to make a challenge.

I said to god that if you exists, then show me a proof by cutting by penis in next five days. I kept this challenge twice. The good part is i am safe till now. The worst part is i had two bicycle accidents after that and i am seeing many accidents and hearing sounds of ambulance all around. What do you think is it god informing me that still there is time to apologize or what do you think.

I am so afraid,

I cannot apologize as i have some mental disorder and it is that which is preventing me again and again to apologize.

Now, i am stuck in between apologize or not apologize. I am suffering from overthinking and insomnia because of these thought.plz reply me whether it's a

Thought or in reality these happens or not.

I am in extreme fear and anxiety and i don't have anyone to talk to. What can i do. And if anyone have instagram then you can reply and then i drop my instagram I'd in reply section.

Plz say me something.

Plz someone with a healthy and clear brain say me the solution because my mind is too unhealthy for finding the solution and only solution it gives me is suicide.

So please suggest me something plz 🙏🙏🙏