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its too much pressure

Online school, real school- i can't handle it. And i have to be the good kid, the one that doesn't give my mom anxiety. I want to tell her that if i self studied my whole life, i'd get a lot farther. But she wouldn't believe me. I'm sure she'd just tell me, "your anxiety isn't going to change you know"

And then the cycle would continue, i'd have mental break downs in front of everyone and then anger the teachers through my depressive episodes. Which usually involve me trying to choke myself..oh jzz

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Re: its too much pressure

You're OK hun. You're very young right now and I know every day feels like an eternity, but it isn't. You will be an adult soon enough and be more able to live on your own terms. You may hear this a lot, and I know it sucks, but seriously this is a tiny part of your life which will be insignificant soon enough. I'm one of the people who doesn't think school life or living at home is better than adult life, and I also suffer anxiety...As well as depression. I may still have anxiety, but I live with it on my own terms not others. Bear with it, it if be over sooner than you think