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I've been holding this inside

literally for so long. I was raped almost exactly two years ago. I'm a guy. I was raped by another guy. It's taken so much to admit that it even happened. I tried to tell my sperm donor, but he's convinced that because I'm gay that means I actually wanted it, or deserved it, or some stupid bullshit like that. I can't report him. I don't even know who he is.

Because I'm gay, it's not so bad.

Because I'm out in a generally homophobic area, I deserved the backlash.

I would never, ever talk about it. I don't. But killing a couple of bottles of vodka in a day does tend to make you more talkative, I guess.

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Re: I've been holding this inside

Rape regardless of gender is a horrific act that disregards the other existence.

I'm not gay but I was technically raped as a child by my baby sisters eldest son, yes I was also curious but in the end shit was forced upon me and I had no choice due to his mother siding and believing any story of his.

SO: I'm sorry to hear that and hope that others will open to hearing you out.