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Should I give up

I've raised my son from 6 months old thought with ever bit of my being and giving everything I had for him leaving me fighting for somewhere to rest his head at night but got though it. But present after everything I thought I could deal with anything but the last Yr has been to much and I'm slowly giving up. Getting targeted because I'm a man and I have my son. Getting bullied because I can't defend myself because I have my son. I've had police at my door 4 times since last week saying I'm having loads off people in my house and having parties. There's more I've had rspca visit my house twice for my dog apparently looking skinny and his hair is falling out. But the best one is I was on the way to collect my son from school, I get him 10 minutes before school finishes because he is disabled and get intimidated when there is load of people round him and he can get stressed Panic and can get aggressive. Anyway besides the point I left my house drove exactly 59 seconds from home and my neighbour was driving towards me in his van and he just swerved in to my Lane 3 time tailgating the car in front of him then him pulled his steering wheel to the right and drove straight at me he didn't even change directions at the last second I had to steer to the left go over the pavement on the the field and almost him a lady walking her dog. He just carried on like it was nothing I called the police explaining what happened and that it's all on camera thinking they would do something about it but I had to wait 7 days for a officer to come and then after 2 week I get a letter saying they are not going any further with the case as footage didn't show his licence plate on the front of his van and it was on his van when they went there 8 days later he had one on their. In that time wait for the police to help I've had him his family, friends etc intimidating me and my son standing out side my house shouting say horrible word. Making my son feel scared unsafe and crying have nightmares about the man upstairs is gonna get in and he is gonna kill him. I hate it that I've made my son feel like I can't protect him and feel that I've let him down but I know if I react to it I'll lose my son for good because I wouldn't stop until I was physically forced. I thought to get my son and I don't want it to all be for nothing by spending it in prison especially when I am the only he has to look to for anything guidance, love, trust, respect and more. Honesty I don't no if anyone will be able to understand what I just wrote or if it make sense as it wrote it in the moment and I'm not going to read over it as I would probably delete most of it. Things happen for a reason and I believe that I can't be the only person to experience more negatives than anyone else ever has.

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