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So I do my best not to try and get jealous/territorial but with so many past experiences my mind goes right back to it. Growing up i was bullied for my image, weight, etc. It really hit me hard especially when guys I liked chose the skinny model over me after saying they wouldn't do that or "she's just a friend" and I find out they've been sexting and sleeping together. In my relationship now with T I try not to but my biggest 😡 is his ex/best friend K. She's always messaging him non-stop even during our dates and he's always hesitant to turn off his sound. K is a university student whos had a Bf for 7 years, she will constantly complain about her guy and will always do what T suggests and says. He tells me there's nothing to worry about K and what she sends is harmless and their talking like friends but me knowing how some chicks are..... there's more behind the words and when T says he's busy with me shes always like "oh well you done soon?" I will not go through his cell but when several messages pop up on the screen that shows the message I glance. I still don't trust her especially her M.O towards T.