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I've begun to feel jealous of my best friend. They are pretty, funny, and get along with anyone. I always see them getting everything they want too, although they arent any form of rich they get anything they want. They went through a lot too so i know i shouldn't compare myself but i just constantly do, i compare our trauma too and i feel jealous. (not of their trauma, but how little they have) And then just recently i introduced them to the guy i like and they began to hit it off, they also constantly try to make competition with him (which they do when they like someone). And im scared, he obviously talks to her a lot, and although right now im closer, im scared they'll get even closer with him and he wont like me. I know how stupid this sounds and I hate it, I really dont want to seem like those types of girls that dont want anyone to talk with their crush. But im jealous, not even for the boy im just jealous of them as a whole. I want to look like them, and have their personality, live their life, im jealous.

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