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Jealousy is a bitch

What should I do?

I been married for three years, and I've never been jealous of my husband..... just a couple of weeks ago I found out he's still in contact with the last girlfriend he had before me...... it feels like he has stronger feelings for her, than me. And I can't help it but feel jeolous..... Thus jeolousy is eating me inside, and I don't have a clue on how to get rid of it..... any suggestions? ????

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Re: Jealousy is a bitch

It's not much to go on.hmmm I suppose you should just talk to him rather than keep it to yourself. Yeah it's a blow to your ego to admit that him talking to his ex bothers you but at the very least thats a major disrespect. Or maybe he's the kind of douche doing this to make you see "look honey! Look how desirable I am! My ex STILL wants me" The insecure f=%/k! Sorry..... got away from myself. Since you aren't in middle school and two consenting adults this is pretty sad. Guess you should just hang with your ex as well? WTF?!? Very immature and disrespectful.