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Jealousy Issues

So, I recently took a break from my job due to some injuries but I check back in every day just to see how things are going along. For context, I am one of the top in my field and I'm very grateful and honoured for that achievement.

I've been seeing that other staff members are 'catching up to me'. I know improving a skill is great but I can't seem to feel happy for any of them. It's embarrassing to admit but I break down into tears daily because I can't stand the thought of not being one of the best after everything I've sacrificed. I wish I could be happy for them but I can't! What's really concerning is the fact that some of my co-workers are my best friends.

I don't think it's fair AT ALL for me to ask something so selfish from them. I don't want to ruin any personal relationships because I love them all so much but I can't get over my jealousy issues no matter what.

I've tried to recover quicker but I've been told that it's not a good idea to rush myself as it could make the recovery longer. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop being so jealous?