Jehovah is a narcissist

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Thou shall have no gods before me. Jehovah wants the glory for your glory, for your accomplishments. Inside the narcissist is the accusatory abusive parent.

The accuser is not the same as the trickster. The trickster points you in the direction of your temptation. The trickster is seeking your liberation. Jehovah is a tempter. The trickster isn’t trying to destroy you, it was adam and eves guilt that got them in trouble. Satan is the accuser of your own guilt.

Guilt is the accuser, Satan is the accuser. Before monotheism, people didn’t have guilt. Satan is a creation of the church, monotheism.

Jehovah is jealous, Jehovah is a narcissist, a false perfect god

Loki is the trickster (the snake), Odin and Loki are blood brothers (brothers of wisdom)

Odin and loki are mischevious, the trickster is outside of you

Satan is the accuser (negativity internal to you) introduced by Christianity and Islam

Satan is the mirror, the reflection of god, mirrors are an opposite dimension, the mirror is not the same as the real world. Odin is the mirror of loki. Loki is the left hand path, the left hand path is dangerous, if you are not conscious of the darkness inside you, it will control you. 

The christian white man brought lying and accusing to the native americans the native americans before christianity could not concieve lying, they called it a forked tongue.

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