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Jeon the perfect Jungkook

Ever wondered how a perfect human is?

That's Jeon Jungkook. He is perfect all the way. Nobody does it like he do. He actually said YOLO and is accomplishing his dreams. So here I'm to rant about how this human is so so talented and perfect. I can write a whole damn essay on Jeon. FUVKING. Jungkook aka the most talented person who knows how to do almost everything. Also can I punch himmm because how can he be so perfect? Is a human allowed to be this perfect? He is 100 people in one body. Ughhhh why is he so perfect ;-;


The above emojis represent Jungkook. Because he has done almost everything in his life. Cook, play, dance, sing what not? And because of run bts, we get to see different versions of Jungkook. He can be your baby. He can also be your daddy. The most talented and the most funny human.

To the person who's gonna marry him someday,


Nobody deserves him. He is the definition of perfection. Also can he please stop feeling worthless? His existence is a perfection already. He don't need to be sad when failing to do something.

-a useless potato