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Job hunt

I have always had high hopes for me. I was the topper from class 1 to class 10 in my school. I did well in JEE and AIEEE exams and got selected in best gov college of my state. But I always felt behind others in routine tasks. And now I don’t even have a job even after graduating from an IIM. It feels like everything is lost. I don’t know how to drive a bike. I don’t know how to drive car. I am not interested in girls. I don’t have a job. I can never find love. I am 28 years old, with no job, no future. I don’t know how to tell my family that I am gay. Even if I would have had a job, I could have thought of living alone all my life without marrying. But, I don’t have one. I don’t have a source of income. I am dependent on my family from last 4 months. And I feel that this is worse.

I still want to fight. But job hunt in these times has been an emotional drain for me. I feel like I am losing this battle. If I don’t find a job soon, I will have to stay with my family and work on our shop. I don’t have a problem with working on shop. But, if I stay here, I will have to get married to a girl. I am not intrested in girls and I don’t want to spoil some girls life. I wont be able to love her. I don’t know what to do. I was proud of me. I made it to best colleges, I worked in an MNC for 4 years where my performance was extraordinary each year. I made it to IIM and I got a good placement. But Covid-19 has ruined it all. My company forced me to resign just after 3 months of joining. Since that day, I am jobless. And these 4 months has made me think that I am not good enough. I literally don’t know what to do with my life. Maybe I am a failure. Maybe I have been a failure whole my life. Maybe I will continue to be a failure. 

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Re: Job hunt

You found the right person here.

Hi. I’m an American cowboy. People have always tried to define me.

Like you I was super smart. Even though I mainly chased women in college & never studied, I was somehow the top student. Your a genius. You need to invent stuff & change the world. Well it’s my life not theirs.

I’m very beautiful. Sounds bad to say, but true. People wanted me to dress well. Do my hair. Be an actor or a model. I don’t want to do that. So I didn’t.

I was a great athlete. They wouldn’t leave me alone. Go run touchdowns. Hit home runs. Win that race. Knock that guy out. Goto a big college. Run up & down a football field on TV.

Nope. I didn’t do any of that. I went out & mostly did what I wanted.

We can’t judge ourselves by financial success. I was happy living in a small house & enjoying life. My wife made me do something with myself. In high school they had me drawing blueprints at 16. Boring.

Now my wife had me staring thru a microscope. Blueprints. Speeches. Shaking hands with important people. Watching stuff I helped make fly into space. So very boring.

If you can afford to; be your own self. But sometimes we have to compromise. I wanted to be in the Air Force. Then teach & travel around the world. Be an artist.

Instead I drew blueprints & stared a tiny stuff. I drove a mini van. Planted flowers in a yard. Trimmed bushes. Not what I expected out of my life. But at least I could still work on my old hot rods.

Then I got a disease. I had to stay home. Vacuum. Change diapers. Read fairy tales.

Imagine a 285 lb man who looks like a super hero. Rode horses. Jumped dirt bikes. Hunted wild animals with a bow & arrow. Swam by sharks. Surfed.

Now I found myself changing diapers. Washing dishes. Cooking lasagna. Hanging out with a bunch of moms. Setting up plays at our Church. Are you kidding me. It’s like God was pulling a big joke on me.

Here’s the best part. I raise our kids. Get a transplant. Then my wife doesn’t need me anymore & divorced me. Now I’m an old disabled guy. Living back in the mountains. Sleeping on a cot. Watching old movies on TV. Living in a house full of 30 yr old women who like to drink & party. Never saw that coming.

We have to be flexible. Accept we can’t always do what we want. Can’t control our lives. We must just find joy in whatever life throws at us.

I used to make over $100,000 a year. Could have made more if I wasn’t lazy. I owned a giant house. Drove German sports cars. Had investments. Now I sleep on a cot & live off a tiny check. I don’t even have medical care. See; life sneaks up & gets us. We can either let that break us & be miserable; or we can make the best of it.

God Bless

Wow Indian hey there. I don't like to define myself but I think I might be okay with girls ohh by the way I am girl but I don't know I have never really liked someone male female whatever I believe you just have to love someone gender doesn't matter. But as an Indian ohh man I know if I ever fall for a girl idk what will happen to me.In a country where parents disown you kill you for loving someone from another caste imaging living someone with same gender.

I don't know about you know about parents but personally if I fell for a girl I would never tell my parents or relative they love but not more than the fucking society which is sad because they'll stand by me if I kill someone but not if I love someone.So I'll just tell my friends and brothers people who I know will accept me love me cuz I love my parents I don't wanna lose them so if I am gonna lie I'm gonna lie so damm good that I'll never get caught but yeah obviously if my girlfriend's okay with that obviously I'll clear it out at the beginning that I will never tell my parents about her and she's okay with it. So if you are okay telling your parents that your gay and they accept you very well and if you know they won't accpet you and you still wanna tell that's your decision man just do what you want what makes you happy you know i get it this thing of making your parents happy making them proud of you but same goes for them they also want you to be happy it's okay if you can't tell them just be happy that's all don't ruin a person life by marrying them knowing well enough you'll never love them if you believe in love go find love maybe he"ll give you emotional support need if you have friend who'll understand you talk to them you'll feel good. You love who you love everyone has a prefece it's nothing wrong but still they something fall for someone they never thought they will. Some like tall men some like white men some like black men some men have this fetish for red heads or big boobs whatever... So I don't think you liking men is okay it's not something awful its not something great.

About you not knowing how to drive it's okay if you are not interested but if you want to learn get out man thanks to covid lot of time in our hand wow Im writting this while my online classes are going on not interested in passing I guess.

You are smart by the way IIM wow you'll find job but untill then you can do part time or work from home whatever you like it'll help you to not think about stupid things have you ever heard khalli dimaag shaitan ka my mother always says this to me and it's true whenever I have too much time I stress a lot I have this habit of imagining the worst possible things wait she said something about IIM damm I didn't hear my teacher sorry so yeahh maybe engage in some hobbies. There's this app intershala I guess it has some part time job just check it out or google some part time job or maybe try part time where you can go physically but maybe your parents are like mine who won't allow it they say all jobs are equal don't really belive it otherwise they'll let you so it.All my brother and sisters are doctors engineers so my parents also wanted me to be a doctor and the only way to piss off my parents was to stop studying so I did and damm I bombed my boards so there's goes their dream of me becoming a doctor so now comes IAS officer now my mom tells me how nice it will be to be an IAS officer it's funny sometimes.

Sorry back to you hang in there after covid you'll have a great job just engage yourself into something learn driving it'll only help you or if you don't wanna do part time do household chores just keep yourself busy charge nice price for your chores.

So yeahh aim for happiness in life and remember you are you dont let anyone let you think otherwise.This is just my opinion so if you don't like it please don't be mad at me.