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Joe Budden acts like a child

Joe Budden is only 39 years old. I was shocked. I thought he was in his late fifties. He looks really OLD. But he has his thing he does with his mouth he looks like he wore braces. And he smiles like he’s five years old and wants to look cute. It’s disgusting. He’s a tall ass grown ass man who smokes cigarettes.

And I’m sure he spoke on a podcast as though he were married for twenty plus years. But I found out his wife is 27. This motherfucker was on air talking about swinging and having other men sleep with his wife. “It’s a turn-on”. I mean, he’s talking like it’s okay to cheat.

What is it with men and the cheating? They act like having orgasms are the most important thing ever.

Joe Budden sucks.