June 2018

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(Talking about death so fair warning) June of 2018 was when my grandfather passed and honestly even after three years I still don’t know if I’ve fully copped, I’m far from a stranger to grief and having to say goodbye (for about a decade I considered myself cursed since it seemed like at least once a year for a decade, at least one of our pets passed away wether it’d be from old age or more often...kinda coming outta the blue) I know everyone copes differently and grief never really goes away but...idk I’ve thought about this time in my life twice this week and I’m still struggling to cope. Maybe it’s cause I was still knee deep in my “no one cares about you or your struggles boohoo everyone loses people suck it up and get work” phase so I was kinda quick to dismiss a lotta what I was feeling and giving myself time to cope in favor of trying to work even if I wasn’t in the right mental space and hating myself for it...2018 was a bad year but at least it’s over...I miss my grandpa though.

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