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Mood swings suck. Thinking that depression has gone away but it’s still there deep inside. I hate myself that I m being a burden to my family and friends. Sometimes i just want to disappear. Sometimes thinking that i would be the best for everyone if i die. I hate my easy attached side, feeling guilty for small cases. I conceal my feelings and pretend that i dun care. Even if i want something or if i love someone, I pretend that I dont. It’s just too tiring. Still i cannot stop it.

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dont think about yourself as a burden, u are not. i was feeling like u are and I can assure u it hurts like a hell. i was depressed and i kept telling myself that i am a burden, i wanted to die. take a time for yourself and lay in the bed and call or text someone how u feel. i went through the same thing with my internet friend and she helped me so much, if u dont have anyone or u dont wanna talk to anyone about it, text someone on ig, or fb or somewhere, there are so many good souls that went through the same think and they wanna help. take as many time as u need, no one will judge you, i hope i helped u at some point, remember your life matters, dont take it away, i am sure there is someone who would be sad if u were gone, dont harm urself, i did and that shit makes consequences. i hope u will be better. i wish u good day or night :3, dont hate urself for how u feel, it will be worse if u do :/ :(