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Just 15

I don’t think people realise how hard it is to be a teenager. The stress of trying to fit in and look perfect all the time is so overwhelming.

My dad has always said that this is the best part of your life, but I disagree and I can’t wait to leave school.

This year has been a mad one. Lockdown messed me up. I recently got diagnosed with anxiety and developed an eating disorder. I finally had the courage to tell my mom about my binge eating disorder today, which I have kept to myself for almost 6 months.

Oh and crying has just turned into a daily ritual now. Most nights I cry myself to sleep due to the fact I hate the way I look. With so many new insecurities, it’s hard to think of just one positive about myself.

Sorry for ranting on. This is the only place I can really express myself. It’s sad that no one knows about what happens in my life behind closed doors except for my parents. My dad doesn’t really understand though as he thinks im just over dramatic and laughs.

Its mad how a fake smile can hide so much.