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just a girl

This is just a song i wrote but i could never post it anywhere because how of cruel society can be but i guess this is a platform worth trying..

Im laying in my bed

And staring at my clothes in the corner of my room.  

Thinking why do u assume

Why cant i be myself Why do i gotta lie

All my demons tryna wreck me but i will never cry.

 Between me and her i know im a loser

She has pretty clothes but all i have are bruises.

Scars on my body, each and every one is ugly. 

Bracelets on my legs and beanies on my head

No im not a guy im just tryna be enough

My clothes arent girly and im just alittle silly

I cant wear heels and i cant look pretty

U look at me with pity cz im just alittle different But you best know that being different has a reason.

And no its not easy

faking to be happy

With all these eyes on me 

But they just cant see

All the tears ive been wasting

Or the love ive been craving

Desires can be deadly

And my sins wont stop climbing

I can feel the heat rising 

My hands are melting 

Theres no escape

From the hell thats been waiting

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Re: just a girl

The lyrics touched my heart. I could understand the struggles you’ve been going through and my heart aches for you. Im sure alot of girls out there would relate to your song. You should really consider releasing it on other platforms:) you never know if it might help someone else in need :) I dont know if your lyrics are meant for girls who are deemed as tomboys by the world but if it is thank you for letting me know that im not the only one. Being a tomboy is hard. Not everyone understands why we do it or why we dress the way we do. We are still straight yet people assume we arent. It’s difficult to walk around without everyone looking at you weirdly. If being different is so hard, should we all be the same