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Just a little blank and lost everywhere

I've been struggling on this one. I know people may laugh and call me stupid and stuff. But have you ever loved someone so much. And you've been with them for so many years, and there's this constant back and forth kind of thing. Where you're trying so hard to forgive them. But it's ALWAYS the same. And don't you ever wish they'll just change? But they really don't.. Now you just have to start from scratch, in the beginning again. And now you feel like crap, and shitty as a person. Just lost and confuse. But it's ok ! I know, this sounds CRAZY, it'll take time to heal. It'll take time to just become yourself again. But when you really think about it, in the beginning you didn't have that person. In the beginning, there was just you as a person by yourself. So why now? Why drive yourself to the edge now? When in the beginning you were already alone, you were already doing your own things without that person. That person is just temporarily in your life. They leave, and they come back. You just have to be patient with yourself, and trust yourself. If you don't do that. How do you expect to grow from everything? You can't you really can't, take that person in your life that has exited, as a lesson, as someone that's a story that's closed for a reason.