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Just a little vent

I feel like there’s to much pressure on me

I don’t want to sound like a whiny little girl but I’m just gonna say it

im 17 and I’m not the fittest girl

im a bit curvy but o always feel like pressure to be perfect my family are gypsys so it’s like you can’t talk to boys ,you can’t have any socials you’d be lucky to get a phone

and yh and not to mention the chores I have to do cooking cleaning looking after the baby I mean I love it but like I don’t what it’s like to have a normal teenage life like the first guy I get with will be my last like I won’t get to experience breakups and all that I sound like a drag right now but at the same time I need somewhere to vent it’s pointless venting to others my age because they have the same expectations also it’s a sexist life boys my age can do whatever they like but girls have to be perfect

thanks for reading if you’ve got this far