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Just a midnight thought

okay I have a question..........is it bad to masterbauthe with yourself.......I dont want to feel like Im going to go to hell..( not that i believe in god)

It feels good but still, im litterlly touching myself, anyone else have this thought........or does anyone else really do this......I dont use any dildo's or toys, just my fingers.....so idk, if my parents found out i did this, i would probably be sent to a mental hospital or idk kicked out........thanks god there is a website to spill your guts and tell other your secrets.....but year.....Please tell me im not the only one thinking about this.

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3 months ago

Re: Just a midnight thought

yeah you're fine!! there's forums to give advice on stuff like this but uhh just don't do it too much for your own sake! youre fine ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------