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just a rant

i want to kill myself i think about it almost every day but i won’t do it because i’m scared of how people will perceive me after and that my boyfriend will feel he didn’t do enough. it feels like the world needs me out of it because i ruin everything by being an awful human being inside and out and making peoples lives worse day by day pls end my pain brain just stop making me feel like this i want to be able to love again like i did before all of this shit started it’s been almost 2 years and i still feel so numb to love because you make me afraid to open up

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Re: just a rant

You are not killing yourself because you still have a little hope left in life. Is your boyfriend doing enough? Why blame yourself? If you were a bad human being inside, you wouldn't be thinking of killing yourself, but you would be thinking of hurting others. If you don't free yourself from whatever is making you feel you are awful, you will become awful one day. So, believe in yourself and start thinking about what you can change so you can live and it will be better than your death