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just a rant

bruh idk i honestly have no one to rant to currently, so hello lol. let's just say i might be going thru an existential crisis again. i don't feel the need to d*e, but i honestly see no reason why i should finish my school only to work for the rest of my life. develop a boring routine of waking up, getting ready, work, come home, pay bills, sleep, repeat. im turning 16 soon and i feel like ive been here long enough to see 'this' isn't really for me. i love my parents and family, a lot, but i just dont see the point in life. at least for now.

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Re: just a rant

You don't have to do a 9-5 job do something you love and if you haven't find what you love try finding it.You are 15 you think you are old you're gonna make right decision you know everything but no trust me I have been there I am 22 and when I look back I feel like what the fuck was wrong with memebut yeah everyone's different not everyone is a stupid ass like me. I stopped studying cuz that was the only way to piss off my parents I mean I can't cut their allowance can I but didn't think it will also affect me getting into a good college smart right.

So maybe just finish your school and get a career counselling there are so many fun jobs out there you are not aware of. If you like travelling there tourism, you like cooking you can do HM, photography,if you like animals can be animal training theirs animal Manny that's so cool you get to be with animals go for whatever animal you like, like panda, elephant, chimpanzee, tiger whatever ohh you dolphine trainer or maybe beluga whale trainer wohhh dude that's really cool you know and then theirs sport and acting,singing, painting whatever but something to do with animal is cool sorry I am biased but it's your decision whatever makes you happy do some career counselling or search on YouTube or google.You have time try finding what you love what you really wanna do then maybe work won't feel like a burden you'll enjoy it and even if you it will be a tiresome job sleepless night it will be worth it.