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So i was browsing the youtube algorithm when i cam across a promo of new season of a TV series.Frankly, the 2nd season seems bullshit but that isnt the point here. So there was this one person "kukki" who had spammed the comments so much that every 3rd or 4th comment in the main comment section was hers. And obviously there r people who didnt like the promo, so she had replied to all of them rudely and attacked them personally. I didnt care then, but then i saw a comment of hers where she was fawning over some bullshit line from the 1st season, so i just replied that honeslty, this line not only reinforces the stereotype that a man and a woman cant love each other platonically. Or that they cant be friends, so the dialogue isnt that awesome. Plus its wayy too heteronormative. Now she replied that no, in another subplot, this girl has a male friend so no, this line isnt wrong and u saying such things about the makers is bullshit. I saud i was just pointing out to this one line, that it could have been written in a much better way, so she said "first, i didnt ask ur opinion, 2nd why r haters like u diminishing our excitement, and third what is ur problem, nobody here wants to know what u think". That seemed rude so I said, i was just writing my opinion on a public platform, the same way u commented on this video about ur opinion. Why r u getting so defensive on such small criticism. Then she started getting personal, saying haters like u have such a small brain and what not. After that, I said u are behaving like a toxic fan, why r u attacking me personally. And then she swore a lot at me, and deleted her comments. After that another account started saying bullshit to me. Now I dont know whether its her second account or someone else. But they started saying rude stuff without any reason, so I just said u dont even know what she wrote at first and now u r defending her.

Seriously, such toxic fandoms are so disgusting, they can go to any limit and then they will call their other bitches to gang up on anyone who isnt like them

so fuck u kukki, u can go to hell for all i care, Fucking whore, such a disgusting filthy bitch, all kukki can do is lick the asses of such bullshit shows' characters.

fucking bitch