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just a response

Im brand new here. I posted a pretty big secret...I got to kiss and touch my wifes very best friend as they laughed and giggled....it was fun I will never forget it...cause I know that was my only chance.....the reason I even repeat that is I agree everyone should be treated equal....when you think about it it doesn't make sense....im not one of those Black life matters or this matters etc....in fact I feel all those that choose to classify themselves as such is being racist....not me, you, my children....etc..( I would protect my children at all cost no matter the extent) but my 2 yr old son kicks it with his buddy she is 2 and black, I. Just ranting now..my point is this is doesn't mean shit where your born what color, creed, race, etc etc.......here's the point free agency is a mother fucker. Peoples right to choose and think..wrong or right....I apologize for this being book...thank you for your letter