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Just a small rant

// This maybe a bit jumbled and messy due to the fact that I am not all here atm, so I hope at least someone can understand what I am getting at. //

I tend to get paranoid whenever something good happens. no matter what the situation is, i feel like something horrible is bound to happen after that. I cannot bring myself to think that anything good happens without something bad to follow.

I've tried fixing this problem in the past but there is always a relapse. I dislike constantly feeling uneasy and unsafe around people in public. It does not bother any one else which is what confuses me, I've never once felt safe in my own skin or my own house for that matter. I've come to terms with it but cannot shake the feeling that no matter where I am, I am unsafe. If i make the wrong move I may die. This feeling may have been enhanced due to the past occurrences this year brought fourth, I'm not too sure on that.

Is it usual to fear the people around you more than you fear the world itself?