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just a small thing i need to get off my chest

i've tried so hard recently to stay happy and kind to everybody around me, but as soon as one small thing goes wrong everything crashes down onto me and it feels like somebody is purposefully trying to suffocate me for their own pleasure

but when i decide to give up this fake act that causes me so much trouble everything feels worse. it feels like i'm balancing the world on my shoulders and i can't bring myself to get out of bed sometimes. sometimes i want to give up. sometimes i want to hurt myself or worse but i'm too much of a pussy to do it.

i can't stand the thought of killing myself and leaving my family behind. i don't want to put them through the same pain as what i'm going through right now. i don't know why i can't be happy like all of the other 13-14 year olds in my class

please i'm only thirteen and i don't want to give up my life just yet because i know there is so much to see and to do but sometimes i feel hopeless

i'm sorry if any of my online friends or family see this

from, t. f. ☄