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its funny how we continue to let life torture us.

we're all humans in a never ending cycle.

if u rlly think about it, life sucks.

in the worst way possible.

u get up, do stuff, then go to sleep. but a constant is that we always seem to wake up. we always seem to feel the need to get up. why don't we just stay there. lie there and never wake up.

why don't we just die?

life is a lie. we're forced to go to the pits of hell for the first 18 yrs of our life, then we go to the darker pits of hell cuz our parents probably forced us to for the next 4 yrs. and then we're 22. 22, and still haven't gotten any life skills cuz the first 18 yrs were spent learning the quadratic formula and why Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter.

and now we're 22.

from 22, we have to struggle in debt to find a job, but that's how all life works, right?

we're forced to shove away our hopes and dreams to get a stable paying job that we HATE.

but its funny how no one talks about it. no one speaks about the darker side of life. if you look on social media, u see so many girls showing their best life when they could be struggling with depression. you don't show the flaws in human nature.

we were born this way. from a fetus, we were taught that the only way to find success is to make money and the only way to make money is to go to school then college then get a job, then DIE.

we have to pay money

we deal with public humiliation

but who let us think this way?

who let us believe that we need to go to college?

who let us believe that we needed a stable job to make money to be successful.

who put VALUE in MONEY?

who made us this way, and why are we like this.

why are we small brained humans who are self centered?

why do we eat

why do we sleep

why do we go to school

why do we always have something on our minds that's stressing us out like that presentation on Friday about killer whales.

why do we look forward to summer?

why can't we think of all the months as equal and not split them up into their categories.

why do we go by a 9 month torture cycle and a 3 month rest cycle?

why do we look forward to the weekends? shouldn't we love the life we're living?

isn't that what "living" is all about?

we should be happy, right?

so why do we hate Mondays, but love Fridays?

why do we look forward to when we get to be on break?

just some questions that hurt your head:)

thanks for reading this far.